Natural White Sage Smudge Bundle Pure Grass Indoor Energy Cleansing & Aromatherapy #20045


The Natural White Sage Smudge Bundle is perfect for indoor energy cleansing and aromatherapy. Made from pure wild white sage, this bundle measures approximately 10.5cm in length and weighs approximately 40g, making it compact and lightweight enough to use wherever you need it.

Included in the package is one sage bundle, ready to be used for your energy cleansing and aromatherapy needs. Get ready to bring positivity and calm into your life with the Natural White Sage Smudge Bundle.


Natural White Sage Smudge Bundle Pure Grass Indoor Energy Cleansing & Aromatherapy

Material: Wild White Sage
Length: about 10.5cm/4.13in
Net weight: about 40g

Experience the soothing and calming effects of white sage as its aroma brings peace and tranquility to your mind while nourishing your body. For centuries, white sage has been considered a sacred plant with the ability to purify and protect. Its ability to cleanse and promote positive energy is nothing short of amazing and makes it a natural gift from the Earth.

This smudge bundle is ideal for purifying your sacred quiet space, as well as creating a positive atmosphere in your home or office. It’s also great for yoga and meditation.

Package Includes:
1x Sage
Pre-Order Item. Made in CN and ships from the nearest global location. / Estimated production + shipping days: 7-25 days depending on delivery location. / Estimated cost: $4.3 – $6 USD depending on delivery location. /



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