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The 1st 100

Last night I heard a ding
A sweet, familiar ring
A beautiful, little sound from far away
And it made my heart sing

That one little ding
Reminded me of you
Of you and me from long ago
An echo of one doorbell ring
That used to make my heart sing

I miss those days
But not so much
Just the 1st 100 days
I since changed the locks so many times
The bell is gone
I thought I wouldn’t hear it again

As I recall our 1st 100 dates
I felt our 1st 100 texts
And the 1st 100 things of you and me

How long ago was it?
I can’t remember
I’ve forgotten about you, you see..
But damn
That ding of a ring from last night made my heart swim

So now I remember your gorgeous face
And the sound you make when you call my name
The little laughs that you made me giggle
And the sweet, nervous smiles that we shared together

Damn that effin’ thing!
That sweet, unexpected, melancholic ring
I couldn’t help it
I smiled and then I giggled
I almost forgot what I was doing

Surprise, surprise!
I still remember
But no, not so much, just a little
Just the 1st 100 dings
From our 1st 100 dates
And the 1st 100 things
That made my heart sing


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